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George @ Leash and Leads play-care

Anyone who follows OCB Boys Bernie Breeders knows how important it is to us to provide a calm and loving environment for both our mamas and pups.  Our goal is to give our “forever home” families a sweet dog that loves his home, adapts well to his new family and is gentle, playful and kind to new “dog” friends.  


Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words” and so we had to share these beautiful pictures of George from his forever family, the Baumgardner’s, on one of George’s trips to  playcare at Leashes and Leads, Byron MN. George loves his friend and it warms our heart to see how sweet he is.  Thank you to the Baumgardner’s for sharing these photos with us.


Barb & family

OCB Boys Bernie Breeders

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