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I purchased one of the bernedoodles from Barb’s first liter.  We had just started to look for a puppy and decided to look at these adorable pups.  Barb was so knowledgeable in this breed but also took such pride and joy in these puppies.  We could see the love she had for them and knew they were well taken care of.  We looked at the pups on 3 different occasions to get a feel of how this breed behaved and how we connected with them. Barb welcomed us each time, answering all the questions we had.  You could see the gentleness and affection she gave all these puppies each time we were there, which was amazing and so reassuring for us.  We could not be more happy with our big boy Louie and love him so much!!  This breed is exceptionally sweet and gentle.  He is such a cuddlier still at 5months. We fell in love with him immediately and am so thankful for Barb’s guidance and patience.  My Louie is perfect and our experience was absolutely wonderful, so wonderful that I want another one! 

Louie's forever family ~ Missy 

5 months ago we added George to our little family.  We had been considering getting a puppy for years, but we couldn't seem to find the right fit for us.  I saw the Allen family was expecting a litter of bernedoodle puppies and contacted Barb immediately. From our first communication I knew this would be the perfect match.  Barb was amazing to work with, she gave us updates on the pregnancy and when the puppies were born she was as excited as we were.  All of the puppies were beautiful, but George (aka Harry/aka blue puppy) stole our hearts.  George was the missing piece of  our family's puzzle... we love him so much and are very grateful to Barb and the OCB Boys Bernie Breeders for raising the most loving and cuddly fuzzball we could dream of...

George's forever family ~ Shandel


Dear OCB,


I was immediately smitten with the chunky puppy in the red collar I saw online. He seemed like the perfect mix of sweet and mischievous. We had decided no more puppies a couple years ago, but that one with the red collar stole our hearts, and a few weeks later, Odin “Odie” Chance joined our family.  


He loves peanut butter and playing in the snow. His heart breaks on walks when kids don’t cross the street to say “Hi” and he’s most excited when his boys come home from school. He likes to nibble on our toes as he walks by and won’t pass up a car ride, even if it’s only from the driveway into the garage. He may occasionally steal food from the counter. He is the perfect mix of sweet and mischievous.


Thank you OCB for your help and patience during our decision making process! Adopting from you was easy knowing these puppies come from people who love and care for each puppy. You are clearly more than a breeder. We love our Bernedoodle!  


Thank you!

The Irey Family


We adopted our little Bernese from Barb and the OCB Boys BB and we couldn’t be more delighted and grateful for our experience. From Barb sharing how mama was doing, to updates after the puppies were born and their growth week by week. Upon meeting the puppies we were greeted with lots of love and puppy kisses right away. The area the puppies are kept is clean, and homey and not overcrowded with multiple litters. These puppies are so taken care of and spoiled from the beginning. Barb truly puts in so much love and effort into caring for her animals and we look forward to adopting another puppy from this family in the future.

Maycee's forever family - Cassie and Chad


We purchased a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy from OCB Boys Bernie Breeders and our entire experience with Barb was fantastic. From answering our very first questions, to updating us frequently with pictures of our puppy, to finally sending us home with our sweet boy Lou, Barb was there for us every step of the way and made the entire process incredibly easy and exciting. With this being our first Bernese Mountain Dog, we had plenty of questions and Barb was wonderful in giving us all of the advice we could ask for. It's been an absolute joy to watch our boy Lou grow up and as advertised, he's the perfect companion. 


Thank you for making this process so wonderful!




Jacklyn and Jesse 


It was spring when we first reached out to OCB Boys wanting to add a fur baby to our family! Being first time dog owners we had tons of questions from day 1 and Barb did a great job replying and answering each one. She was great at staying in contact during the waiting period, before we could bring our puppy home. She answered questions promptly and updated us along the way, with pictures which helped create a connection before having our puppy! My kids and I drove down twice to the farm, once to meet our pup, and then again to bring him home a few weeks later and both times were a great experience! When we took Reggie home with us, she sent us with a cute photo book of weekly pictures of Reggie growing- which is a beautiful keep sake to have.
Now after having him for a few months we love staying in touch with updates and Barb still answers some of my questions along the way! Reggie has been everything we could imagine and helped complete our family. We are so grateful for OCB boys and will make sure to reach out again if we decide to add any more fur babies in the future!

Bengtson family


Hey OCB Family,


It’s been about 1 week since we brought our little Zeke (Cortland) home. He’s still getting adjusted but already has his favorite spot on the bed! His big brother is finally coming around and is so patient when Zeke tries to nibble on his tail or toes. We often find them snuggling next to each other after play time. Our daughter is still so excited to have a new furry friend. She calls them both “her boys” which melts our hearts. Our family is still so over the moon about Zeke and we cannot wait to watch him grow! We just wanted to say thank you to your family for being so amazing during this whole process. Barb kept in touch with us and provided sweet pictures during the time she had with Zeke. That really meant a lot to us and we knew that he was in great, loving hands. We could not be happier with our little snuggle bug! It was amazing meeting you, we hopefully will continue to update you on how Zeke is doing!


Thank you so much,

The Sapp’s


We reached out to Barb in December in hopes of adding a four-legged pup to our family! We had lots of questions and Barb was more than happy and patient with us when asking. We kept in contact in hopes one of her pups was pregnant. Unfortunately, the momma didn’t get pregnant. Fast forward a few months, and we got a call from Barb saying she was hoping to have puppies in August! We immediately went onto the list and waited anxiously. Barb continuously updated us along the way and a few short weeks later, she had puppies! Before we were able to pick out our puppy, Barb sent pictures and videos through the weeks leading up to it. We not only got pictures but we were so fortunate that, it worked in Barb’s schedule, to go out weekly to visit our pup. We believe it helped build a connection to Bella sooner and we enjoyed watching her grow each week. When the time came to pick up our Bella, Barb was amazing. She had a bag of food, a toy, a picture book, vet information, and a gift for us. To say Barb was attentive and caring is an understatement!!! We can’t say thank you enough to her for helping us add our best addition to our family. The year might not have gone as we planned, but Bella was planned for us!

Bella’s forever family- The Future Houk’s

Our journey with Barb and her incredible family started in the fall. We had talked that summer about possibly raising a Bernese male, that Barb would be using as a stud to breed with her two beautiful females. It started as an complete “maybe” and ended up being the best decision my family and I have ever made. I can remember the night Barb called me like it was yesterday, she simply said “I have a puppy who is ready for a home, and I want you guys to have him”. We drove to her house that night and picked up our not so little guy we now call Bentley. At home waiting was our 10 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Benson; who was not too sure about a new puppy coming into the house. After about a day the two of them were inseparable. We ended up losing Benson, due to old age in March, and our family was devasted. It was heartbreaking to see the mourning in not only my husband and kids, but in Bentley as well. Though the loss was painful, we were hopeful God had a plan for us, and so he did. Bentley first bred with Lila in February, and the puppies were born in March. Of course, we fell in love at first sight. As we formed a close relationship with Barb and her family, we were able to experience the incredible amount of passion and love this family dedicates to these dogs. Just a month after losing Benson our family knew we were missing something. The thought of another puppy in our house sounded hectic, but one just wasn’t enough for us. Barb was there every step of the way, and made our big decision quite an easy “yes”. We brought Hudson home on May 2nd and our family instantly felt as if the hole in our hearts was filled. Bentley immediately sensed that Hudson was his son and the bond between them became unbreakable. To finally see Bentley back to his normal self was so heartwarming. He still to this day continues to clean, monitor every step Hudson takes, and sleep next to his side each night. The two of them have a connection that I didn’t even know was possible between animals. Our experience with OCB Boys Bernie Breeders was like no other. The minute we saw Barb interact with the puppies was when we knew we had chose the right path. The way she cares for each puppy individually, and loves them as if her life depends on it shows so much. Those puppies are spoiled to death and loved every second they spend with Barb and her family. Our home is now filled with a never ending amount of joy, love, happiness and a dreadful amount of dog hair, but we owe it all to the Barb. 

The Emmons Family


I brought Kevin home in October. He’s a Bernedoodle. He’s such a great dog. I then decided to bring home another puppy, Betty Lou, also a Bernedoodle, the end of December. Barb was great keeping us updated on their progress and lots of pictures. I took Betty Lou to her first vet visit yesterday and she said she was very impressed with the breeder, Barb from OCB Boys Bernie Breeder. The vet, said she sees a lot of Bernedoodle’s , but Kevin and Betty Lou were the best that she has seen. Healthy, great personalities, and they look like Bernese mountain dogs. I would highly recommend Barb for anyone looking for a new best friend.
~ Melissa Herrera 


It has been three years of begging my husband for a Bernese Mountain puppy. Finally, I got my way and my husband put a down payment on a puppy for my 30th Birthday present. The wait was killer for this Berner mother to be but Barb was there every step of the way with just as much excitement as we had. One late evening my phone was ringing and it was Barb, calling to tell me the exciting news, that Reba was indeed pregnant. The excitement had started! After what seemed like a forever anticipation of 63 days, Reba finally had 8 beautiful puppies. Barb immediately contacted me and of course I couldn’t wait any longer so I rushed over there. Holding each and every Berner pup not wanting to put them down. I had not a clue what I was getting myself into with another puppy in my life. 4 weeks later, we got to go pick out my puppy!!

We picked out Grace. We knew right away that she would be the perfect fit for our family and little hobby farm. Let’s just say Grace runs the roost. Our adventure with Grace has just began.

There is just something about a Berner pup that you’ll never understand until you add one to your family".

Thank you OCB Boys Bernie Breeders

~ Alyssa


Our family made the decision to start looking for a puppy in the winter. An old high school friend posted pics on her Facebook and I innocently asked what type of dog they were and how she knew the breeder. It was just sheer dumb luck that we happened to find Barb and her amazing litter. 


Barb was quick to answer emails and questions about the Bernedoodle breed and her litter. When we decided we were going to move forward with getting a puppy our phone was flooded with pics and videos. 


We were invited to her home to choose our fur baby and Barb helped us through the entire process.  She simply pointed out which dog she felt might be interacting with us and which one's personality could be a possible fit. In the end, we made the decision, but we based it off of Barb's expert recommendations.  


It has been 4 months and our little Appa girl is nothing short of amazing. She is the perfect amount of snuggle and indepent, just the right amount of mischievous and well-behaved and the smartest puppy ever. In just a short time she has become a member of the family that we couldn't possibly do without. 


This was our first puppy and everything has gone smoothly. Our litter has a special FB group so we can keep in touch and ask questions. Barb is always a text away should we have questions or want to send pictures. We couldn't be happier.

~ Eric


We cannot say enough great things about OCB Boys Bernie Breeders!  From the first moment that I spoke with Barb about wanting a bernedoodle to the moment we picked up our sweet boy the process was seamless!  Barb truly loves her dogs and the pups and wants the best home she can find for each of them.  It is obvious that Barb takes her time with the puppies, she is always available for questions and loves updates with pictures!  Barb even uses turf for the puppies to go potty, which made potty training for us so much easier!  Sprocket was potty trained in less than a week!  Thank you Barb for giving us the best gift, our buddy Sprocket!  

~ Heather


It has been one month since I took little Nico home, and it has been the best month of my life! The minute I picked him up, I knew how much love he was given and how perfect he would be for me. The progress he’s made in just one month of being home has been outstanding, and I must give props to Barb for preparing him to be the best he could be! From my first inquiry about the puppies to checking in after I took Nico home, Barb’s communication has been second to none. The updates about Nico each week made my week, and I treasure every picture she sent! Thank you so much OCB Boys Bernie Breeders for the best experience I could ask for! I look forward to staying in touch as Nico continues to grow "

~ Lindsey


Working with Barb on our process of getting a Berner has been more than amazing! From the very start she was kind, helpful, and answered all of our questions! Picking out our puppy was a great experience, she let us stay and play with them as long as we needed until we finally decided on our boy! Barb does such a great job raising these puppies, when we got our baby he was almost completely potty trained! We couldn’t thank Barb enough for everything she has done in helping us get our pup! We love him so so much!"
~ Devon, mom of Chevy


I honestly cannot say enough good things about Barb and OCB Boys. I chose OCB Boys because of how knowledgeable Barb is about the health, nutrition, socialization, training of her dogs, and because of the work she puts in as soon as they are born. With Wrigley being the first dog that I have ever owned, Barb was (and still is) always there to answer my questions along with support and encourage me on my journey. I always receive compliments on how good looking and well-behaved Wrigley is and I can thank Barb for that for starting to train him as soon as he was born. When picking out Wrigley, Barb allowed me to play and interact with all the puppies for as long as I wanted before I felt like I found the perfect fit. Wrigley is a fun, smart, and goofy dog and I cannot thank Barb enough for all she has done for both him and I. She goes above and beyond with her breeding, and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Amanda ~ Wrigley’s mom


We got our first Bernese Mountain Dog from Barbara in October and could not be more happy with Bruno! He is a very sweet dog who has exceeded our expectations. Barbara is fantastic to work with as she cares a ton about her dogs and is also has great communication with us prior to picking up Bruno as well as after. We would recommend working with Barb for your next Bernese Mtn. Dog!

Matt & Val ~ Parents of Bruno


Working with Barb at OCB was such a smooth experience. She’s attentive, knowledgeable, and really cares for her pups. As first-time Berner parents, we could not be more grateful for Barb and her expertise! Naturally, we had a ton of questions after bringing Rocky home, and Barb was always quick to respond and help us out. Rocky has grown into the sweetest and most loving boy. We are so thankful OCB and Barb brought him into our lives and would highly recommend getting your next pup from Barb. 


-Emily and Keithroy ~ parents of Rocky


Our family got Joy just before Christmas from OCB Bernie Breeders and we are so happy we did. Joy is the sweetest, funniest dog. She gets along with our cats, is gentle with our kids, and more than anything just wants to be with us all the time! I really want to thank Barb for her wisdom and advice during the early puppy stage. Joy is our first dog and we had a lot of questions and she made us feel confident and ready. Joy is truly a “joy” for our family.

Emily ~ mom of Joy

FullSizeRender 2.JPG

We just want to share how happy we are with Maisy and how easy and comfortable we were with the process of adopting her. We’d be happy to be a reference for a new family! 
We’ve had several dogs in our family, including a Bernese. When we lost our sweet golden doodle in December we needed to try to fill the hole he left behind and especially give our other dog a companion that he was so missing. 
We found OCB through an internet search and really good reviews. Just perfect for us since we were open to a Bernese puppy or a bernedoodle. 
Barb was super responsive to our questions, kept us up to date on momma’s pregnancy and the bernedoodle litter as soon they were born. She sent weekly pictures! When we went to pick out our puppy at five weeks we were immediately impressed. The dogs are clearly part of the family, Barb loves each and every one of the puppies and treats them with great care. 
And at 5 weeks they were already going on a patch of green turf! 
It’s been 5 months and we just adore Maisy! She is sweet and cuddly, a little goofy and such a smart pup! Our newfy mix dog loves her and they are inseparable! 
We can’t recommend Barb and OCB enough to anyone looking to add a bernedoodle or berner to their family.

JoAnn and Tom ~ parents of Maisy


My name is Bear and I got my great start at OCB Boys Bernie Breeders with Barbara Allen. In full disclosure my papa Bear is related to Barb, they are cousins. My mama Bear and papa Bear knew that when the time came to add me to their family that I would be an OCB Boys Bernie. They knew that Barb loves her puppies before they are born and even more after we come into the world so I was going to be well cared for🥰

Puppies lucky enough to come into the world with OCB Boys Bernie Breeders are loved and snuggled daily by Barb and her family of humans. Her human boys bring their friends home to love on us too so we are well socialized. Mama Bear and Papa Bear bring me with them whenever they can and have had lots of small humans around me. I seem to know that little humans are different than big humans all on my own and am very gentle with them. Big humans are fair game for my baby shark teeth😁

Mama Bear and Papa Bear came to pick me to be their furever Bear when I was 4 weeks old and were so happy to see that my brothers and sisters and I were already being potty trained by Barb! Us little floof balls knew to head to the green artificial turf to go potty. I have pretty much been potty trained since I was about 9 weeks. I got my start with Barb and I have 2 Beagle brothers to show me the ropes. During our first meeting Barb learned that my forever name was going to be Bear and that is what she called me for the next 3 weeks and when I went home with Mama Bear and Papa Bear they loved that not only was I good with going potty outside but I knew my name!!!

I also do really well with my kennel but I like it better when they let me out. I sleep in my kennel at night and I go in it when Mama Bear and Papa Bear aren’t home, they don’t want me to get sick from eating things that I shouldn’t. 

I am a smart boy, the first thing that Mama Bear taught me was “Bear, leave it.” I don’t like to hear ”leave it” but I’m a good boy and listen to Mama Bear. When I listen I get lots of loves and my tail wags from pure joy❤️❤️❤️

I am not Mama Bear and Papa Bear’s first ever puppy, I am pup number 8. They had lots of toys and things for me to chew on. I am pretty good about playing with my toys rather than things that I shouldn’t. My favorite toy is my oinky pig. I make Mama Bear and Papa Bear laugh a lot when I play with piggy! I also love to play soccer outside with a ball when the weather is cool😁 Mama Bear will add videos so you can laugh too🤣 (see fb page for videos)

Mama Bear and Papa Bear love me so so much and tell people all the time that I am the bestest puppy they have ever had and they owe a lot of it to Barb and the love and dedication she gave me in my early days🥰

If anyone is thinking about adding a Berner to your family and you ask Mama Bear and Papa Bear for their opinion, they would tell you to 100% do it!!!

Angie and Tyke ~ parents to Bear


From Start to finish Barb did an amazing job with the entire experience of getting a Bernese Puppy! Early on Barb was always more than happy to answer any questions we had and that friendly family mentality of hers continued even beyond the date we took our Puppy home with us. What really shocked us was how above and beyond Barb went. When we picked up our girl Bernese puppy (Mabel) from her, we were surprised at how thoughtful Barb was that she even constructed a very useful goody bag for our new puppy and us. Even more, when we got home with Mabel, we quickly noticed that Barb legitimately taught our puppy that her name was Mabel for us, which was a huge, pleasant surprise that we never would have expected! Mabel has been the perfect addition to our home, she is a very cute and friendly little girl that LOVES to eat. Her and her new older brother Metro (Border-Aussie) are slowly becoming best buds! 10/10 recommend Barb and the OCB boys! Thank you so much for everything Barb!!

Dan and Haley ~ parents of Mabel


Bernese mountain dogs have always been my dream dog to own, so when we found OCB Boys Bernie Breeders, we were elated! We began talking with Barb in September of 2022 and from the start it has been such a wonderful, smooth experience. 10 months later we have a healthy beautiful puppy named Beverly (Bevie for short) who has my husband wrapped around her paw. Even though we are amid potty training and our house is chaos (we have two other dogs as well), we would do it all again (and will!) to work with Barb. Not only does she breed amazing dogs, but she is so compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable. As soon as the pups were born on May 18th, 2023, we were receiving weekly updates, pictures, and videos galore! She was so quick to respond with any questions and has excellent communication. Even though I am sure she is dealing with so many families with questions and needs, her communication style makes you feel like you are the only family. It was truly a great experience. On top of that, it is the cleanest breeder I have ever been to. Her attention to detail with their kennels, play area, and grass mats is so evident. On pickup day she included toys for Bevie and even a gift for us. You can tell that Barb cares so much for these adorable dogs, her beautiful home, family and her clients. We will have more Berners in the future, and we will always go right to Barb!

Beverly is so incredibly loved and happy with her new brother (Sheriff, GSD/Husky) and sister (Lulu, Collie) – just look at how proud Sheriff is of his family 

Lauren and David ~ parents to Bevie 


It has been just about 4 weeks bringing home our newest addition to our family - Banks Henry. The experience with Barb was nothing short of sweet. From the very beginning, we knew that we picked the right breeder. Barb was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Picture and videos were sent weekly (sometimes even more) of the puppies prior to them going to their forever homes. Barb is so hands on with her puppies, from the minute they are born and to the second they go to their homes. We are so thankful for our sweet, Banks. Time is such a thief with how fast these last 4 weeks have gone by. We would recommend Barb with OCB Boys to anyone looking for a Bernese or Bernedoodle pup. Looking forward to working with Barb again in the future. 


- Tyson, Marissa, Waylon, and the newest, Banks. 


We picked up our Bernie from OCB boys in July of 2021 and it was such a wonderful experience- from when we first contacted Barb, to now years later! Barb is so kind, thoughtful, and thorough. We could tell right from the start that all of the puppies (and their own dogs) are loved and cared for the entire time they are waiting to go to their forever homes- and after! She still occasionally asks for pictures of our boy, which I am all too happy to provide! Our Bernie, Turtle (formerly Aladdin) is the CUTEST ball of energy in the world. He is such a classic looking Bernie and he is a wonderful addition to our family. <3 We had such a wonderful experience that we now have friends who are currently (impatiently!) awaiting their own bernie pup from Barb- and we are so excited to have puppy play dates.  

Kendra ~ mom of Turtle

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