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Our Bernedoodle puppies are a wonderful combination of a Poodle sire and a Bernese Mountain Dog dam. Bernedoodles have the beauty, loyalty, and exceptional temperament of a Bernese Mountain dog together with the intelligence and faithfulness of a Poodle. They are low to no-shed, hypoallergenic, and will be unique in color and personality.  

Bernedoodles come in a variety of colors.  These include; black, black and white bi-color and a variety of sable,  phantom and the classic tri-colored (black, white and either brown or rust) markings of the Berner.

We cannot guarantee color and markings, size and temperament of our Bernedoodles.  

Since Bernedoodles are part Poodle, their coloring can change over time.  Poodles produce varying shades of black, silver, brown and white.  Whether the color of your pup is solid, bi-color, or tri-color, the chances of changing color with age will always exist. Bernedoodles color can change from darker to lighter, i.e. black to grey or black to brown.   

 7 weeks
 7 months
7 weeks
1 year 
9 weeks
1 year
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